Monday, September 28, 2015

Letter B - Tot Math with Gummy Bears

Last thursday i had my second day as being teacher for our little preschool kids. While focusing on the letter B i had the kids tell me MORE or LESS with gummy bears! (i copied this idea from a pin i found on interest found here.)

Since the link to the pinterest pin didn't take me to anywhere where i could just download the sheet, i needed to create it on my own. To create the sheet i found a clip art of a teddy bear online then copied and pasted it into Numbers (Mac's version of excel). i tried to paste it into excel but i wasn't able to put a clip art into the cells. I'm sure there may be a way, but i didn't have the patience enough to look it up since i could immediately do it in Numbers.

In the last cells i typed in the colors of the teddy bears. Here's the end result:

I bought a laminator machine a few months ago so i laminated the sheets so that i could use them again. 

This activity was a hit among the kids. 

A few of the kids didn't follow it exactly but they did understand that they needed to sort the bears and understood which ones had more or less.

I think they enjoyed eating the bears more than the activity but it was still fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tot School! - The letter B!

So my friends and I have decided to do our own toddler preschool. Each week we rotate and have all our kids go to one persons house and we all take turns teaching. This is week 2 for our tot school and i'm the teacher this week. This whole thing is new for me. (having a toddler and then teaching more than one toddler at one time) So its been an interesting experience. I'm not sure if the kids learned anything but i thought i would share what i did on tuesday. (what worked and what didn't) I have them again tomorrow.

My topic this week was the letter B and the color orange.

We started off the morning with sitting in my hand drawn boat. We sang Row row row your boat and did other actions while singing  row your boat. (bounce in your boat, swim in your boat, etc)

Here are the kids in their boats:

The boys like the boat activities but the girls didn't seem very amused. After we did different exercises i read them one of my favorite books from elementary school. Little Bunny FOO FOO!

I know the title says rabbit but i said bunny to emphasize the B! The kids LOVED this book. Throughout the hour i was asked to read this book like 10 times. After reading in our boats i let the kids draw in their boats. They all wanted me to trace them so that i was drawing them. That was fun!

After our outside activities we came in and had some teddy grahams while i read little bunny foo foo again. After our snack we decorated some pumpkins. I used me cricut to cut out some pumpkins and had the cricut cut their names out too!

My daughter isn't really the biggest fan of coloring but she actually colored her pumpkin! After decorating pumpkins we matched the mama bears to the baby bears. 

I think i need to reemphasize this activity. Only one of the kids knew what i wanted them to do. So we might do this again tomorrow!

Hopefully the kids had fun! I'm not sure if they learned anything but i hope so! Hadley actually participated this week. My friend said she would sit in the corner the other times and just not do anything. (I'm hoping this will prepare her for kindergarten because she takes a LONG time to warm up to people)

Anyways. Anyone have suggestions for other things that you do for your tot school?