Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sewing for your kids!

Four years ago was around the time i found out i was pregnant with my daughter and my husband worked on the weekends and took night classes. I started having a growing desire to brush up on some of my sewing skills. I wanted to learn how to sew for my daughter. My first couple of projects were ugly. I'll spare you pictures of those projects. Eventually, i grew a desire to make children's clothes. It was easier than i thought. It just takes lots of practice and each time gets better. Here's my first shirt:

I loved how it turned out. It was even cuter on my daughter! But it kind of started an addiction! I wanted to make all her clothes. I didn't realize how simple it could be! So my advice on sewing for your kids: DO IT! its not as hard as you think. 

I have a favorite pattern maker. Her name is Kate from see kate sew. Here's her link. Her patterns are reasonably priced and they usually are good for a lot of sizes. They also come in as a PDF and so you can reuse them and reuse them! They are awesome. Today i wanted to show you the recess raglan i made my daughter. Here's some of the first ones i've made:

One of the first things that you have to do is print all the pieces out and lay them on the floor:

Then cut out the size that you need.

Follow the direction on how to cut out the fabric. Then sew it up! Kate had a pattern hack on her blog this week to turn the pattern into a dress. I added 8 inches to the bottom in order to make a long dress. Here are the results. I think it came out awesome and she loved them!

Her patterns are so easy, fun and they come out great! I think you'll love them! 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gold Dipped Pumpkin!!

So my obsession with pumpkins continue....

This whole project cost around 10 bucks! I bought this spray paint at wal-mart a while back during my gold sparkle obsession phase however, I never used it. I was waiting for the perfect project and when i bought my glass pumpkin i knew i wanted to make a gold dipped pumpkin.

To make one for yourself you will need the following items:

- Glass pumpkin (i got mine from walmart)
- Glitter Blast (i got mine from walmart also)
- Painters Tape
- Clear Plastic bag (not pictured)

First thing i did was put the painters tape all around the pumpkin to separate the parts that i wanted painted and where i didn't want it painted.

After i created the line i put a clear plastic bag over it and held it down with my painters tape. (this part can probably be omitted but i'm not confident enough in my spray painting skills)

Then i got some cardboard to put under the pumpkin and i spray painted the pumpkin. 

I do have to admit, when i started this project i was expecting the paint to be a lot darker and not as transparent. However, when it dried and i saw it without the tape i LOVED it. Here are some pictures of it finished. I wish that the camera would do it justice but it doesn't. You'll have to try it for yourself to see how cute it is!

Happy crafting!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Screen print Wall Hanging Art

I've always been really into creating T-shirts. My friends and i have made several shirts over the years. The only thing is that i usually use iron on transfers. However, what happens after a few washes, is the transfers start peeling off. When i started making shirts for my kids i wanted to create images on fabric that wouldn't peel off. Especially because my kids put everything in their mouths! After seeing one of my favorite bloggers post about screen printing, i decided i would give it a try. Here is the post if you want to see it.

The post will give you information one where to buy things. Here's how i created some wall hanging art for my home. 

First i used my circuit software to create images. Make sure when cutting the images, mirror the image. Then i cut the image on vinyl. After the images were cut i adhered the vinyl onto my screen.

After applying the vinyl, put painters tape on all the dead space so that ink will not get through. When your ready, take some ink and put it on the screen.

After putting the ink on the screen, use the squeegee and swipe the ink over the image.

I usually swipe firmly about 3 times to make sure the ink goes through. I put the extra ink back into the container. When your down pull the fabric away from the screen and you're done!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Gold Spray Painted Pumpkins

So I may be a little obsessed with pumpkins! I love decorating them, using them to decorating, and using them for crafts. It's basically my favorite part of September! While i was walking around wal-mart with my kiddos, I made my way towards the fall decor. I found these pumpkins:

They were only 98 cents! So much cheaper than joann's or michaels. So i decided to get them and spray paint them. I bought the gold spray paint a few months back for a different project on amazon. You can find them here. (shown above)

I had to spray paint the top and then let it dry for a little bit and then spray paint the bottom. Luckily the spray paint dries pretty fast. 

The pumpkins came out GREAT i think! Here are some pictures in my house. Sorry about the lame lightening, the lightening in this house kind of sucks! haha.

Hope you enjoy! Happy fall!!