Friday, April 8, 2016

Makers Swap

Do you follow pandhchalk on Instagram? (go ahead and click on the link and check her out!!) I am absolutely in love with all the signs she makes! 

When she decided to host a swap with brynnjames i knew i needed to sign up because i knew it would be awesome! So what is a swap? Basically, someone hosts a swap and they have people sign up. Then each person is assigned a person that they will send a package to. Some swaps have themes or rules. For this swap, they asked that the majority of the items are handmade. This swap was also a secret santa type swap, where we don't know who is assigned to us. 

Last year, (probably in the midst of thinking about creating a shop), I bumped into an instagram feed that hosted swaps. I was instantly obsessed. I loved the idea of sending pretty presents to people and getting things in returned. So, i decided to share some of the things included in my #makersspringswap.

I wish i remembered to take a picture after it was all wrapped up, but my kids were getting pretty restless this morning, so i was kind of rushing out the door to mail this out. The majority of the items above are handmade by me. A few of the things i purchased at michaels or target. (and if you follow me on instagram you can see some of my new items up here that i will release sometime next week)

Currently my Etsy shop is filled with different size zipper pouches. I've been playing around with the idea of making a wristlet version of my coin purses using my new Kam Snap.

That cute little snap button is a Kam snap. My idea behind the wristlet is you can unsnap it and hang it on your stroller or purse. Or just use it as a wristlet. Plus I'm absolutely in LOVE with all the snap color options!

My swap partner didn't give me much information about herself, so i needed to get creative. One of the things she did manage to tell me was that she had a toddler. So i decided to make her son a Crayon holder pouch.

I'm contemplating adding these to my shop to have kid options. I have so many ideas for kid pouches.  We'll see what i decide. This is a pattern from Gingercake sews. I love her patterns. So if you want to make one for yourself. You should go purchase her pattern.

The last thing ill talk about is that cute little succulent. If you know me and my gardening efforts, you'll know that i pretty much have a black thumb. I wanted a succulent garden because they are basically low maintenance plants. However, i managed to kill all of mine. When i saw these cute faux succulents at the target dollar spot, i was instantly in love!

One of the things she mentioned she loved about spring is her succulent garden. Since i knew i would probably kill the plant before i even bought it, i decided this was probably the best option. I also decorated the pot with some lemony stitch washi! i LOVED how it turned out. 

Well there it is! Make sure to click on all the links in this post! You can basically see where i get my inspiration for my creative life from these creative ladies.