Saturday, August 8, 2015

Last night i spent a few hours in my new craft room reorganizing things and i was really happy to see the progress i was making. Before moving to our new house we're in now i used to share my craft room with the family room. I would have things every where mixed in with the kids stuff and family stuff. We spent the majority of our time in our family room because it had the TV inside there. Now i have the whole basement separate from the family room. It's been awesome. So i figured i would share with everyone my happy place. 

Here's my old craft space:

I am lucky enough now to have a new craft space. Its slowly evolving and this is just the craft area. (i guess I'm not ready to show my sewing area because i'm still working on it)

Well i have to say, i feel more inspired now that my new space is starting to get decorated! 

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