Monday, August 17, 2015

Simple Baby Blanket

When my friends have babies, I usually like making them and their babies a gift. I feel like in the past few weeks i've had at least 5 people tell me that they are pregnant or they are having a baby this week. I wanted to share a simple tutorial for a baby blanket that is perfect for a newborn and can be taken anywhere!

Here is the tutorial for a simple baby blanket:
- 1 1/2 Yard of snuggle flannel fabric (i usually get mine at joann's when its on sale for like 2 bucks a yard)
- Fabric Scissors
- Iron
- Sewing machine and thread.

Step one:
Iron the fabric then fold in the edge of one side 1/2 inch. Iron so it will hold the crease. 

Step Two:
Fold in the edge again another 1/2 an inch and iron to hold.

Step Three:
Sew the edge to hold the fold down. Shown here:
Step four:
Repeat steps one and two on the edge to the right. When you get to the corner, fold in the corner to make a small triangle. Then do step three.

Step five:
After all edges have folded in and have been sewn. Top stitch around the edges of the blanket.

Step six:
Clip all the excess thread and your finished! Now you have a snuggly blanket that can be used to swaddle and as a giant burp cloth! They are they best blankets!

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