Friday, November 13, 2015

I made a dress!

The other weekend i went to pinners conference with one of my friends and while we were walking around we saw a lot of clothing vendors. While i was looking through the clothes, i saw a shirt that i realized that i had the pattern to make the shirt and i had the fabric for it. So i decided to make my own dress:

The pattern that i had was the Gwen dress by seekatesew. Here is a link to her website. 

The first thing i needed to do was print out the pattern, clean off my messy sewing table so i can cut my fabric and choose the fabric. 

I was debating between these two greys, but i already knew i wanted to use the floral fabric.

I decided to go with the darker color because i felt it fit more with the dress. 

For a while my sewing table was being overtaken by other projects and i could barely fit my patterns on them to cut it. So i decided to clean it so i can cut my fabric.

I loved how it turned out! i even made hadley a matching one!

I also made some of the other different variations to this dress:

Here's the shirt options with plackets. i LOVE the plackets.

Here's the bonus pencil skirt! i LOVE it too!!

I hope you like it! You should get this pattern! it was super easy to follow and super cute!

Grey fabric: Joanns
Floral Pink Fabric: Girl Charlee
Pattern: Seekatesew

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Letter F

A few weeks ago it was my turn again to teach the little kiddos! I had the letter F.

So you know those times that you have a great idea and so you spend hours creating something for that idea. That was my experience this week with the letter F.

What do you think about when you hear the letter F.


So i used my cricut to cut out some fish with different colors. Then i laminated the fish:

After, i cut the fish out i wanted the kids to go fishing with the fish. So i cut out each fish, took 2 fish and put a magnet in the middle. (I was afraid that if i just glue the magnet to the fish, the kids would just pull it off. Also i didn't have much solid fabric so i didn't want to make it out of fabric)

After i made all the fish i had to figure out how to make a fishing pole. Without buying new supplies, i took a wood spool that i had and tied a string to it. After tying a string to it, i hot glued another piece of magnet. After that i took the other side of the string and tied it to a pole. 

Then i put all the fish into a bucket and had them go fishing. Well only 2 kids of the 4 cared much for fishing. None of them listened about catching the specific color i named. After hours of work, their attention lasted about 5 min. 

The next time i had to teach was on thursday and this time i focused on frogs. Last minute i decided to create little frog head bands. 

Wow, what a hit. The kids LOVED them. They all said they were frogs and started jumping like frogs everywhere. We sang 5 speckled frogs, it was great!

Then after we jumped outside for a while we came inside and made 5 speckled frogs. I had a bunch of googley eyes for them to glue on. They loved that too!

Some of them liked putting lots of eyes on them :)

Well, after a few minutes of prep with my second day it was a huge success! So i guess somethings just don't turn out like you planned. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wood Stain and Spray Painted Deers

So remember this guy that I posted on instagram:

My friend Von created these cute little deer and sled kit and when i first saw them i totally envisioned these in my house with mini Christmas trees all set up in my house. There were two images in my head were a stained deer and a gold spray painted one. (because i'm obsessed with gold right now!)

The first thing i did was stained them. I used a lighter color that was similar to this:

My husband had a few in the garage and i choose the lightest color that he had. The first time i stained it, it was freezing cold outside so i decided to do it on my kitchen table. WORST decision ever! If you've ever stained wood, it smells SO bad. Since it was freezing cold i didn't want to open the windows but i had to! However, i did like the result. See below:

The reindeer in the middle was stained twice and i kind of liked how that turned out so a few days later i stained the rest of them again. Here's the result:

They came out SO adorable and i loved them! I think they would look so cute if i added a red little pom pom on one of them too. 

So next i needed to spray paint a set gold! I use this metallic gold spray paint that i found on amazon that i think is the perfect shade of gold. It makes like a perfect shade of gold with a slight sparkle!

Since it was finally a sunny day (but still freezing) i was able to do it outside. I took some cardboard and laid them on top of the cardboard. 

Then i sprayed it all over. I'm sure i overspray sometimes, but i want everything to be gold!

The gold I think came out SO adorable! I'm debating if i should spray some of my glitter spray over them but i like how they are now!

Anyways, i'm in LOVE. I really love how they turned out!

If you want more details let me know, and i can get you in contact with Von!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DIY Gift Tags

Its November, so I get to talk about Christmas right? Well i've been so excited about Christmas, just because i think i dream about pretty packaging or maybe i'm more obsessed about making gift tags. So I decided to show you guys how I made some tags for Christmas coming up. 

The first thing I did was pulled up pages. (Which is mac's version of word) What i usually do is create a bunch of text boxes and typed in quotes. Most of the fonts that i use come from pinterest that are free. Here's my board if you wanted to follow it!

(sorry about the bad lighting. Remind me in my next house to not put my desk in front of a window when its in the basement)

After I made cute little designs with fonts and christmas sayings i printed them on paper. Does anyone else see turquoise and red and think Christmas?

After I printed them on paper I decided to use some of my punches and or just cut the paper and punched out some cute borders. I also made a few tags without the sayings. Here are all the variations i made:

I just wanted to spot light a few of them:

Here are the tags that i used my new Santa stamp:

I'm kind of obsessed with these mini cupcake stamps that i go from this Etsy shop that i stumbled upon the other day. I am also obsessed with the Mason Jar punch that i got from target. Here's one on amazon.

These one i'm kind of obsessed with because i think they look like SANTA! ahaha. 

For these i used Kraft paper, my scalloped punch, and my sizzix big kick. I found some cute embossing plates from the scrapbook warehouse that opened in Salt Lake City. I'm so happy that I was able to use them in something so cute! One of these days I'll write a tutorial on the cute little bows that I added also!

Here's the last one to spot light.

For this one i cut a rectangle and then used my scalloped punch on the edges. I added a small red heart and stamp some snow flakes at the bottom. This present is for my nephew and my son crinkled the wrapping paper a little too much and so i needed to add a few embellishments. 

So there it is! If any of you want the file for the little sayings i created just email me!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Project Life Scrapbooking - Dating

I have actually been scrapbooking for years. I was pretty into it for a while, then kind of lost interest in it. I'm not a big fan of the traditional 12x12 page scrapbooks because I just never felt inspired by them. I felt like it was more about the page instead of the pictures. So then i started feeling like my life didn't have that many important events in them. ahah. However, i like the idea of journaling through scrapbooks so lately i've been feeling like scrapbooking again. So when my computer crashed a few weeks ago and i lost quite a few pictures, i felt like i needed to start doing something physically to preserve our memories. (plus i lost all my wedding pictures and so i felt like i really needed to get physical copies of them)

When i started thinking about scrapbooking again i was drawn to the idea of smash books. I think my style was more geared towards the concepts of smash books because it was more about the journaling. Here are some examples on pinterest of what i mean by smash book. My sister introduced me to project life when i had hadley and i just didn't have time for it. Now that i want to start a journal again i think project life is the best way to go. So i decided to start with when me and my husband started dating and going from there. So here are some of things i've done to start it:

I've only done 3 pages and i've liked how they are turning out. Part of the things i like to do with scrapbooking is mixing my love of sewing. 

I added the stiching around the picture of our hands and to the hearts in the top left picture. I also like being able to actually use all the washi tapes i've been hoarding. 

I also like not just using the stitching to add a decorative effect but also to use in place of an adhesive. I over used double stick tape with my older scrapbooks and some of the pictures have fallen off. So now i think they will last a little longer. 

Well i hope you guys enjoy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sewing for your kids!

Four years ago was around the time i found out i was pregnant with my daughter and my husband worked on the weekends and took night classes. I started having a growing desire to brush up on some of my sewing skills. I wanted to learn how to sew for my daughter. My first couple of projects were ugly. I'll spare you pictures of those projects. Eventually, i grew a desire to make children's clothes. It was easier than i thought. It just takes lots of practice and each time gets better. Here's my first shirt:

I loved how it turned out. It was even cuter on my daughter! But it kind of started an addiction! I wanted to make all her clothes. I didn't realize how simple it could be! So my advice on sewing for your kids: DO IT! its not as hard as you think. 

I have a favorite pattern maker. Her name is Kate from see kate sew. Here's her link. Her patterns are reasonably priced and they usually are good for a lot of sizes. They also come in as a PDF and so you can reuse them and reuse them! They are awesome. Today i wanted to show you the recess raglan i made my daughter. Here's some of the first ones i've made:

One of the first things that you have to do is print all the pieces out and lay them on the floor:

Then cut out the size that you need.

Follow the direction on how to cut out the fabric. Then sew it up! Kate had a pattern hack on her blog this week to turn the pattern into a dress. I added 8 inches to the bottom in order to make a long dress. Here are the results. I think it came out awesome and she loved them!

Her patterns are so easy, fun and they come out great! I think you'll love them! 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gold Dipped Pumpkin!!

So my obsession with pumpkins continue....

This whole project cost around 10 bucks! I bought this spray paint at wal-mart a while back during my gold sparkle obsession phase however, I never used it. I was waiting for the perfect project and when i bought my glass pumpkin i knew i wanted to make a gold dipped pumpkin.

To make one for yourself you will need the following items:

- Glass pumpkin (i got mine from walmart)
- Glitter Blast (i got mine from walmart also)
- Painters Tape
- Clear Plastic bag (not pictured)

First thing i did was put the painters tape all around the pumpkin to separate the parts that i wanted painted and where i didn't want it painted.

After i created the line i put a clear plastic bag over it and held it down with my painters tape. (this part can probably be omitted but i'm not confident enough in my spray painting skills)

Then i got some cardboard to put under the pumpkin and i spray painted the pumpkin. 

I do have to admit, when i started this project i was expecting the paint to be a lot darker and not as transparent. However, when it dried and i saw it without the tape i LOVED it. Here are some pictures of it finished. I wish that the camera would do it justice but it doesn't. You'll have to try it for yourself to see how cute it is!

Happy crafting!