Monday, September 28, 2015

Letter B - Tot Math with Gummy Bears

Last thursday i had my second day as being teacher for our little preschool kids. While focusing on the letter B i had the kids tell me MORE or LESS with gummy bears! (i copied this idea from a pin i found on interest found here.)

Since the link to the pinterest pin didn't take me to anywhere where i could just download the sheet, i needed to create it on my own. To create the sheet i found a clip art of a teddy bear online then copied and pasted it into Numbers (Mac's version of excel). i tried to paste it into excel but i wasn't able to put a clip art into the cells. I'm sure there may be a way, but i didn't have the patience enough to look it up since i could immediately do it in Numbers.

In the last cells i typed in the colors of the teddy bears. Here's the end result:

I bought a laminator machine a few months ago so i laminated the sheets so that i could use them again. 

This activity was a hit among the kids. 

A few of the kids didn't follow it exactly but they did understand that they needed to sort the bears and understood which ones had more or less.

I think they enjoyed eating the bears more than the activity but it was still fun!

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