Monday, October 5, 2015

Gold Spray Painted Pumpkins

So I may be a little obsessed with pumpkins! I love decorating them, using them to decorating, and using them for crafts. It's basically my favorite part of September! While i was walking around wal-mart with my kiddos, I made my way towards the fall decor. I found these pumpkins:

They were only 98 cents! So much cheaper than joann's or michaels. So i decided to get them and spray paint them. I bought the gold spray paint a few months back for a different project on amazon. You can find them here. (shown above)

I had to spray paint the top and then let it dry for a little bit and then spray paint the bottom. Luckily the spray paint dries pretty fast. 

The pumpkins came out GREAT i think! Here are some pictures in my house. Sorry about the lame lightening, the lightening in this house kind of sucks! haha.

Hope you enjoy! Happy fall!! 

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