Friday, February 5, 2016

Valentine's Day Hand Warmers

So its cold in Utah. Is it cold where you are? Because it FREEZING and its really cold (have I told you how cold it is in Utah?). I have the perfect gift to give as a Valentines day gift to a friend or neighbor and a great way to get rid of more fabric in your stash! HAND WARMERS!

These cute little warmers are perfect and don't require that my fabric or time to make! When they are done, just pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes and they stay warm for quite a while! We use something similar when we have backaches.

What you need:

- Heart template: heart clip art
- Flannel Fabric Scraps
- Handful of Rice
- Funnel
- Sewing Machine

1. First you need to print out the heart pattern. I googled clip art heart and this is the heart i found. I then just printed it on my printer. (If i was cool enough, i would create a template myself, but clip art works fine!)
2. Then I found the flannel fabric scraps that were in my scrap bin and I cut out 2 hearts using my heart pattern.

3. I sewed around the heart and left a 1 1/2 opening so i can turn the fabric after it sewn.

4. Then I sewed a top stitch over the part that was already sewn and left the opening open. (this way is SO much easier than trying to sew a top stitch with rice in it already. Because I did it both ways)
5. Then, using my funnel, i added my handful of rice inside the heart.
6. Push all the rice to one side and then sew the opening shut.

DONE! So easy and super cute!

Ill need to make a cute little valentine to go with it.

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