Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gold Dipped Pumpkin!!

So my obsession with pumpkins continue....

This whole project cost around 10 bucks! I bought this spray paint at wal-mart a while back during my gold sparkle obsession phase however, I never used it. I was waiting for the perfect project and when i bought my glass pumpkin i knew i wanted to make a gold dipped pumpkin.

To make one for yourself you will need the following items:

- Glass pumpkin (i got mine from walmart)
- Glitter Blast (i got mine from walmart also)
- Painters Tape
- Clear Plastic bag (not pictured)

First thing i did was put the painters tape all around the pumpkin to separate the parts that i wanted painted and where i didn't want it painted.

After i created the line i put a clear plastic bag over it and held it down with my painters tape. (this part can probably be omitted but i'm not confident enough in my spray painting skills)

Then i got some cardboard to put under the pumpkin and i spray painted the pumpkin. 

I do have to admit, when i started this project i was expecting the paint to be a lot darker and not as transparent. However, when it dried and i saw it without the tape i LOVED it. Here are some pictures of it finished. I wish that the camera would do it justice but it doesn't. You'll have to try it for yourself to see how cute it is!

Happy crafting!

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