Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sewing for your kids!

Four years ago was around the time i found out i was pregnant with my daughter and my husband worked on the weekends and took night classes. I started having a growing desire to brush up on some of my sewing skills. I wanted to learn how to sew for my daughter. My first couple of projects were ugly. I'll spare you pictures of those projects. Eventually, i grew a desire to make children's clothes. It was easier than i thought. It just takes lots of practice and each time gets better. Here's my first shirt:

I loved how it turned out. It was even cuter on my daughter! But it kind of started an addiction! I wanted to make all her clothes. I didn't realize how simple it could be! So my advice on sewing for your kids: DO IT! its not as hard as you think. 

I have a favorite pattern maker. Her name is Kate from see kate sew. Here's her link. Her patterns are reasonably priced and they usually are good for a lot of sizes. They also come in as a PDF and so you can reuse them and reuse them! They are awesome. Today i wanted to show you the recess raglan i made my daughter. Here's some of the first ones i've made:

One of the first things that you have to do is print all the pieces out and lay them on the floor:

Then cut out the size that you need.

Follow the direction on how to cut out the fabric. Then sew it up! Kate had a pattern hack on her blog this week to turn the pattern into a dress. I added 8 inches to the bottom in order to make a long dress. Here are the results. I think it came out awesome and she loved them!

Her patterns are so easy, fun and they come out great! I think you'll love them! 

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