Friday, January 22, 2016

New Year - Time for some Change

So a lot has happened in the past couple of months and i feel like it flew by so quickly. I can't believe it's almost going to be February! In that past couple of months we

1. Sold our home in California (i guess that was more than a couple of months ago)
2. We bought a home here in Utah
3. We moved out of our rental
4. Visited California for the first time since we moved
5. Moved into our new home!
6. Went to a new ward (congregation)
7. My daughter is now in PRIMARY.
8. Have 1 o'clock church -_-

It was a lot of change for just a couple of months!!! However, with all these new changes i decided to make a few changes myself.

I decided to create a new Facebook page. You can follow me here. Or just follow the link in my bio.

I also decided to create a separate Instagram account for all my crafts and sewing projects. You can follow me here: @manghammade

I did this because i just thought it was time to separate the posts of my kids and my crafts. Not all people enjoy my crafts and not all people enjoy my kids ahaha. I probably would have just stopped posting about my kids and focus solely on the things i have been creating, but since I'm a hermit that usually doesn't talk to people, Facebook is where my family gets updates on the children.

Here's what i have been posting lately:

Its all about my efforts into using my fabric scraps. 

Since i've had to move twice in one year, i've noticed that i've accumulated a lot of craft stuff. Two years ago i told tyler that i wanted to start a blog where i don't buy any new fabric and try to go through all the fabric i have in my stash. Last year i quit my job and became a full time momma. For some reason shopping became my way of coping with the change. (Being a SAHM was a harder transition than i thought)

This year since i've been able to figure out what i'm doing and in an effort to stop being a black hole in our bank account, i wanted to try and go on a fabric buying fast. (Maybe my goal should be on a month to month basis ahah)

Here's some of the things that i have been creating so far. 

This is a zipper pouch for my kids snacks. I like to organize my diaper bag in zipper pouches. 

These adorable fabric trays are from seekatesew. Here's a tutorial if you want to make them yourself. They are SUPER easy and SUPER addicting. Such a good way to go through my fabric scraps.

These super cute tie bows i got from an idea on Pinterest. I couldn't find the tutorial but its from the blog post about fabric scrap busting found on my pinterest board here.

Then i made these super adorable fabric buckets. I adapted two different tutorials for this one.

One found here and the one from seekatesew.

Ill write a tutorial about each of these in the next few weeks but i figured i should write a post about all my changes.

Hello to a new year!

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