Friday, November 13, 2015

I made a dress!

The other weekend i went to pinners conference with one of my friends and while we were walking around we saw a lot of clothing vendors. While i was looking through the clothes, i saw a shirt that i realized that i had the pattern to make the shirt and i had the fabric for it. So i decided to make my own dress:

The pattern that i had was the Gwen dress by seekatesew. Here is a link to her website. 

The first thing i needed to do was print out the pattern, clean off my messy sewing table so i can cut my fabric and choose the fabric. 

I was debating between these two greys, but i already knew i wanted to use the floral fabric.

I decided to go with the darker color because i felt it fit more with the dress. 

For a while my sewing table was being overtaken by other projects and i could barely fit my patterns on them to cut it. So i decided to clean it so i can cut my fabric.

I loved how it turned out! i even made hadley a matching one!

I also made some of the other different variations to this dress:

Here's the shirt options with plackets. i LOVE the plackets.

Here's the bonus pencil skirt! i LOVE it too!!

I hope you like it! You should get this pattern! it was super easy to follow and super cute!

Grey fabric: Joanns
Floral Pink Fabric: Girl Charlee
Pattern: Seekatesew

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