Sunday, November 1, 2015

Project Life Scrapbooking - Dating

I have actually been scrapbooking for years. I was pretty into it for a while, then kind of lost interest in it. I'm not a big fan of the traditional 12x12 page scrapbooks because I just never felt inspired by them. I felt like it was more about the page instead of the pictures. So then i started feeling like my life didn't have that many important events in them. ahah. However, i like the idea of journaling through scrapbooks so lately i've been feeling like scrapbooking again. So when my computer crashed a few weeks ago and i lost quite a few pictures, i felt like i needed to start doing something physically to preserve our memories. (plus i lost all my wedding pictures and so i felt like i really needed to get physical copies of them)

When i started thinking about scrapbooking again i was drawn to the idea of smash books. I think my style was more geared towards the concepts of smash books because it was more about the journaling. Here are some examples on pinterest of what i mean by smash book. My sister introduced me to project life when i had hadley and i just didn't have time for it. Now that i want to start a journal again i think project life is the best way to go. So i decided to start with when me and my husband started dating and going from there. So here are some of things i've done to start it:

I've only done 3 pages and i've liked how they are turning out. Part of the things i like to do with scrapbooking is mixing my love of sewing. 

I added the stiching around the picture of our hands and to the hearts in the top left picture. I also like being able to actually use all the washi tapes i've been hoarding. 

I also like not just using the stitching to add a decorative effect but also to use in place of an adhesive. I over used double stick tape with my older scrapbooks and some of the pictures have fallen off. So now i think they will last a little longer. 

Well i hope you guys enjoy!