Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Letter F

A few weeks ago it was my turn again to teach the little kiddos! I had the letter F.

So you know those times that you have a great idea and so you spend hours creating something for that idea. That was my experience this week with the letter F.

What do you think about when you hear the letter F.


So i used my cricut to cut out some fish with different colors. Then i laminated the fish:

After, i cut the fish out i wanted the kids to go fishing with the fish. So i cut out each fish, took 2 fish and put a magnet in the middle. (I was afraid that if i just glue the magnet to the fish, the kids would just pull it off. Also i didn't have much solid fabric so i didn't want to make it out of fabric)

After i made all the fish i had to figure out how to make a fishing pole. Without buying new supplies, i took a wood spool that i had and tied a string to it. After tying a string to it, i hot glued another piece of magnet. After that i took the other side of the string and tied it to a pole. 

Then i put all the fish into a bucket and had them go fishing. Well only 2 kids of the 4 cared much for fishing. None of them listened about catching the specific color i named. After hours of work, their attention lasted about 5 min. 

The next time i had to teach was on thursday and this time i focused on frogs. Last minute i decided to create little frog head bands. 

Wow, what a hit. The kids LOVED them. They all said they were frogs and started jumping like frogs everywhere. We sang 5 speckled frogs, it was great!

Then after we jumped outside for a while we came inside and made 5 speckled frogs. I had a bunch of googley eyes for them to glue on. They loved that too!

Some of them liked putting lots of eyes on them :)

Well, after a few minutes of prep with my second day it was a huge success! So i guess somethings just don't turn out like you planned. 

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