Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wood Stain and Spray Painted Deers

So remember this guy that I posted on instagram:

My friend Von created these cute little deer and sled kit and when i first saw them i totally envisioned these in my house with mini Christmas trees all set up in my house. There were two images in my head were a stained deer and a gold spray painted one. (because i'm obsessed with gold right now!)

The first thing i did was stained them. I used a lighter color that was similar to this:

My husband had a few in the garage and i choose the lightest color that he had. The first time i stained it, it was freezing cold outside so i decided to do it on my kitchen table. WORST decision ever! If you've ever stained wood, it smells SO bad. Since it was freezing cold i didn't want to open the windows but i had to! However, i did like the result. See below:

The reindeer in the middle was stained twice and i kind of liked how that turned out so a few days later i stained the rest of them again. Here's the result:

They came out SO adorable and i loved them! I think they would look so cute if i added a red little pom pom on one of them too. 

So next i needed to spray paint a set gold! I use this metallic gold spray paint that i found on amazon that i think is the perfect shade of gold. It makes like a perfect shade of gold with a slight sparkle!

Since it was finally a sunny day (but still freezing) i was able to do it outside. I took some cardboard and laid them on top of the cardboard. 

Then i sprayed it all over. I'm sure i overspray sometimes, but i want everything to be gold!

The gold I think came out SO adorable! I'm debating if i should spray some of my glitter spray over them but i like how they are now!

Anyways, i'm in LOVE. I really love how they turned out!

If you want more details let me know, and i can get you in contact with Von!

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